Viewing Sardinian properties during Winter

As I sit down to write this post, I look out of my office window at a small rain shower, it is the end of January, the coldest time of year here and I feel glad I am in a warm room sipping herbal tea.

However, Winter is actually the best time for international house hunting and here is why.

In general flights are much cheaper as airlines try to attract more customers in low periods, as are things like car hire and you won’t be crammed in with summer tourists, so hunting can be much less stressful.

The other big thing is you get to see a property in its worst light, if they look good now then you know they are going to look amazing in the summer sun when you’re relaxing and sipping a G&T on the Veranda.

Also, Sardinia is a completely different place in winter, while in summer the landscape can look parched and brown as plants shrivel away from the baking summer sun, in winter everything becomes green and lush, flowers bloom and the fields grow.

So, dust of those walking shoes, grab a rain coat (just in case) and contact me to arrange some viewings. Happy Hunting

Saluti Valeria