Sardinia Property Check-up

How does it work?

Once you appoint us to sell your property we proceed with a check-up of your home. We take charge of the recovery of all the necessary documentation to sell your property and arrive at the notarial deed with peace of mind, without any cost on your part. Our task is to collect the technical and administrative documentation of the property, and also analyze it and resolve any bureaucratic quibbles that may be impeding the sale. The history of the building is reconstructed through the following documents: – mortgage certificate, – historical cadastral survey, – cadastral planimetry, – building documentation, projects and building permits registered at the town hall. – cadastral compliance declaration, – certification of compliance and energy certification. Once the documentation has been collected we create a file for your property that includes all the general information of the property, from the legal act of origin: deed, donation, an inheritance to third parties rights or any other information regarding the property. We also verify that the state of the properties matches the building permits and the last cadastral plan.