Sardinia Property Finder service

If you are you looking to buy a property in Sardinia, our property finder service aims to help you to use your time and money effectively.

By using our Property Finder service we can communicate on your behalf with any estate agency in Sardinia and at no additional cost to you.

You get all of our expertise, our knowledge of the local Sardinian market, our language and translation skills and we work on your behalf, not the seller, we can even save you money with our negotiation experience.

Our fees are normaly paid by the selling agent so there is no need to deal directly with many different agents who may not speak your language and there is no fee if you decide not to buy.

We can help you with any property at any Sardinian agency. As long as we make the initial enquiry on your behalf, in this way we can earn a commission from the seller and there is no additional charge to you.

Contact us now here and lets get started finding you the perfect property in Sardinia.