Mortgages in Sardinia

Mortgages in Sardinia – We offer complete credit advice.

When you buy a property the first step is to understand how much you can borrow.

Whether you go to the high street bank or our mortgage broker, only when you have the ok from the bank, you are ready to search for your perfect home. This will avoid wasting time assessing properties that do not reflect your real budget and when you do find a property you like you will be in the best position to purchase.

You can use our Mortgage calculator here to get a quick idea of the monthly repayments you can expect.

To apply for a Sardinian mortgage the Bank must be able to assess the applicant’s income situation adequately.

The credit institutions that grant the mortgage require documents referring to your income and documents of the property you wish to buy to assess the feasibility of the application.

Through our trusted credit broker companies, you can receive complete assistance in finding the most suitable financing for your needs based on your individual characteristics: a slow and delicate process, which will be facilitated thanks to the guidance of a trained and professional team.

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