Maracalagonis in southern Sardinia

Maracalagonis is a town of traditional craftsmanship in the metropolitan area of Cagliari, in southern Sardinia, with a vast territory characterized by coastal ‘pearls’ and archaeological sites.

Surrounded by rolling hills, Maracalagonis is a centre of eight thousand inhabitants that stretches out in the south-eastern part of Campidano, 15 kilometres from the island’s capital, renowned for its artisan sweets, basketry and Sardinian brocade costumes. Its territory, framed by the mountains of Punta Serpeddì and the oasis of the Seven Brothers, reaches the coastal tourist resorts of Geremeas and Torre delle Stelle.

Continuing along the coast you will find another famous seaside resort: Torre delle Stelle, with two breathtaking beaches Cann’e Sisa and Genn’e Mari, separated by a promontory dotted with villas and tourist facilities, which in summer become a real village.