Cagliari City

Cagliari city is the capital of Sardinia and is an expression of the Mediterranean atmosphere and offers what you want from a holiday: history and art, sea and parks, comfort and good food.

Glimpses of historic districts with sea views, shopping streets and panoramic terraces, including the inimitable bastion of Santa Croce, where you can spend romantic evenings after a fiery sunset. Cagliari is the main and most populous city on the island, at the centre of a metropolitan area of 430 thousand inhabitants (over 150 in the capital alone), as well as the gateway to Sardinia and cruise hub of the Mediterranean. In its four historical districts, it preserves millenary events ranging from prehistory to the Savoy government. The Castello district stands on the highest hill, characterized by ancient ramparts, today terraces where the nightlife comes alive, and by picturesque streets overlooked by noble residences.