Buying a property in Sardinia or Italy : Property finder services

Today I would like to introduce you to our Property finder service.
It’s a service we offer to help house buyers, and especially foreign buyers,
navigate through the un of buying property here in Italy.

Our property finder service is especially useful for people who have limited time to house hunt or don’t live locally or where the client does not speak Italian.

When a client uses our property finder service, they receive a number of important benefits that they wouldn’t normally get from a traditional estate agency or when searching on their own, because:
1 – We scan the market
2 – We provide interpreter service
3 – We help you with the bureaucracy and save precious time.

So I will explain in more detail.

Firstly we scan the whole local market, not just online adverts, but also searching for private sellers, and properties selling at other local agencies that might not be advertising online, so you should get a much wider range of properties to choose from.

Another benefit is that we provide English to Italian translation services and accompany you to viewings with a fluent English speaking consultant who can provide interpreter services.

It is important to get help if you don’t live locally.

Searching for suitable properties even close to home can be a time-consuming chore, so imagine the difficulty when you are searching in another country let alone in a country with Italy’s notorious levels of bureaucracy.

Our service makes this process much easier as we are on the ground
and working on your behalf making sure that when you are ready to visit
you won’t be wasting your precious time and WE’ll be working through the bureaucracy on your behalf.

What if you see a property that you like with another agency?!
No problem!
Our service applies not just to our agency’s properties, but also to those at other agencies.

And …as long as you allow us to make the first contact with the selling agency, our service will be at no additional cost.

The reason we can do this is that in Italy, it is normal for both buyer and seller to pay commission.

As a buyer, you should expect to pay 3% of the purchase price as a commission.

Our service comes at no additional cost because as the BUYER’S agent we take the fee that the buyer would normally pay to the SELLING agent.

So this is why it is important that we make the initial contact with the selling agent.

Anyway, I hope you found this information useful.

If you are looking for a property here in Sardinia, you know who to call, please do get in touch.

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